19 inch-front panels

Front panels / front plates in a great variety of shapes, colors and materials

Customized versions made of plastic, aluminum, steel plate and stainless steel.

Our highly qualified staff and our high technical standard permit the low-cost, precise mechanical processing of the front panels according to your specifications.

Front panel/ front plate                      Blind panel/ blind plate
drawing as PDF                                     drawing as PDF

Ventilating panel/ plate
drawing as PDF

Standard front-/blind panels by WÖHR ™ ,  19“ and metric system

A wide range of standard front panels either in the 19 inch or the metric system is at your disposal for the realization of your enclosures.

We offer a large variety of surfaces and materials you can choose from to meet your requirements as well as possible without making compromises.

On the basis of a descriptive numerical system, our  „front panel-construction kit“ allows you to specify not only the dimensions, but also and especially the surface finishing.

Especially such modifications of the standard components as

  • customized dimensions/executions/materials
  • mechanical processing acc. to specifications
  • modified surface executions
  • printing + reproduction/film set
  • integration of operating-/indicating elements directly into the panel or mechanics, according to the legal protection for registered utility models with our FOILtronic™-technique (on the rear side, only the connection cable is visible, whereas the „intelligence“ is hidden inside the panel!)

can easily be realized.

Wöhr offers you complete solutions:

  • front plates
  • foil keyboards
  • front foils with suitable enclosure

with printing/ varnishing
with electronics