Cable glands

Cable glands with high degree of protection IP68

Cable glands are used to insert a cable into a cabinet. At the same time a high degree of protection (IP68) of the cabinet will be realized additionally to a strain relief. Functions of cable glands can be grounding, connection, insulation, sealing, relief, or a combination.

Following materials are available:

Cable glands series GH02/KVDAE

With the series GH02/KVDAE cable glands and pressure compensation elements are combined. Pressure differences in- and outside of an enclosure can be compensated with a micro-porous, liquid-tight membrane. Hence, condensation is reduced to a minimum. Thus, the series GH02/KVDAE is excellently suitable for using in areas of machine and motor construction, in luminaire production or in industrial equipment construction.

Cable glands series GH02/KVHYG

The series GH02/KVHYG is suitable for application in production and packaging of food and luxury foodstuff, cleanrooms, biotechnology and chemical industry.

The cable glands series GH02/KVHYG avoid effectively accumulation of dangerous micro-organism through a to the outside closed and glazed surface. All screw threads are below the cap nut.

Because of the special design a considerably easier and cost-saving cleaning is possible. It offers a certain stress relief because of a double cable attachment.

Cable glands series GH02/KVVMS

The series  GH02/KVVMS is suitable for a special seal insert for a quick and certain acceptance of cables with pre-installed connectors (for example RJ-45 or USB).

Plug-in pressure compensation elements (for unused cable screw connection)


The plug-in pressure compensation element GH02/ESDAE gland can be characterized by an easy handling, universal application and a high air
flow rate. It is sloted and turned in an unused cable screw connection.

  • material: polyamide 6
  • degree of protection: IP66/IP69K
  • clamping range: 0.47 inch/ 12 mm
  • temperature range: -30° up to +100°C
The air flow rate of the plug-in pressure compensation element is:
at 0,1 bar: 1,2 l/min
at 0,2 bar: 2,5 l/min
at 0,3 bar: 4,0 l/min
at 0,4 bar: 6,4 l/min
at 0,5 bar: 8,3 l/min
at 0,6 bar: 9,4-10,2 l/min
at 0,7 bar: 12,5-12,6 l/min
at 0,8 bar: 15,3-15,4 l/min
at 0,9 bar: 18,5-18,9 l/min
at 1,0 bar: 21,9-22,1 l/min

Blind plug / Dummy gland