Locks and keys

Locks GH02SCHL for enclosure series GH02KS113

Our multi-purpose collection of different locks protects your enclosures and switchboards from being accessible for strangers.

The four locks presented on this page have different security levels.
In case of need, an 8 mm square lock can be opened with a gripper whereas the cylinder lock can only be opended with the key. 

Our range of locks covers an 8mm square lock, an 11 mm triangular lock, a cylinder lock of steel and a special construction that prevents illegal access by an aglet and a padlock.

To our enclosures with hinge doors we offer different locks to protect our enclosure against unauthorized access.

order number description
GH02SCHL/4K/08mm 0.31 inch/ 8 mm square lock with adapted key of polyester
GH02SCHL/3K/11mm 0.43 inch/ 11 mm triangular lock with adapted key of polyester
GH02SCHL/PAD001 the enclosure is protected by an aglet and a padlock
GH02SCHL/Zyli001 cylinder lock made of metal with 2 adapted keys