Technical information

Additional information:

  • Usually, 1 pressure compensation element per enclosure is sufficient, but this depends on environmental factors as well as on the sensitivity of the electronic devices present; we would therefore recommend that you carry out your own tests in any case.
  • Chemical and solvent resistance of the membrane foil according to
    DIN EN ISO 2812-1 (determination of the resistance against liquids,
    test method 1 (dipping method)

Properties of the membrane foil:

  • air flow rate: 0.4 l/min at 0.1 bar Delta P to 5.0 l/min at 1 bar Delta P
  • water entry pressure:   up to 1.0 bar
    (this can be increased up to 1.5 bar. For this purpose, you are required to order an IP68-enclosure and the respective individual degree of protection test)
  • temperature stability: -40°C to +120°C
    (as integrated part of an installation)
  • dust proofness acc. to EN 60529:2000
  • water jet protection and protection against permanent immersion
    EN 60529:2000
  • protection against high pressure/steam jet cleaning acc. to DIN 40050

Test liquid duration of the impact (at 23°C) change
premium fuel 15 min none
diesel fuel 30 min none
engine oil 1 h none
water (dest.) 1 h none
brake fluid 1 h none
interior cleaner 1 h none

Air passage test:

The pressure compensation element was screwed in into a thread adapter and subjected to a defined quantity of air by means of a mass flow controller 5 LN/MIN and/or 20 LN/MIN made by Bronkhorst. In doing so, the air pressure was measured with a pressure sensor PMP 4070 from the same company shortly in front of the pressure compensation element.

The following amounts of air, as a function of the air pressure,
were determined:

Air pressure inside the enclosure air passage
0,1 bar 0,8 l/min
0,2 bar 1,5 l/min
0,3 bar 2,2 l/min
0,4 bar 2,9 l/min
0,5 bar 3,7 l/min
0,6 bar 4,4 l/min
0,7 bar 5,2 l/min
0,8 bar 6,0 l/min
0,9 bar 6,8 l/min
1,0 bar 7,6 l/min
Item nomber Air permeability Tightening torque
300 mbar rel. 200 mbar rel. 100 mbar rel.
GH02/DAE/K/M/12aUV 14.0 l/min 7.9 l/min
GH02/DAE/K/M/12bUV 14.0 l/min 7.9 l/min
GH02/DAE/K/M/12eUV 14.0 l/min 7.9 l/min
GH02/DAE/K/M/12fUV 14.0 l/min 7.9 l/min