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Enclosure system PrioLine profile enclosures

Each idea finds here a suitable enclosure

Further information at: www.prioline.com

Does your idea suit in a standard enclosure? - If not then our enclosure systems are the right solution for you.

Because PrioLine isn´t only a enclosure series –
PrioLine is your complete solution.

When it comes to innovation and progress, what you need are quick, high-quality solutions that do not limit you.

In order not to limit your developments, we have developed a unique enclosure concept, which does not confine your ideas but gives room for them.

You will benefit from our extensive know-how ranging from design and professional CNC-processing to individual surfaces and the latest printing techniques.
All this is realized according to your customer-specific desires and requirements, without compromises or minimum lot size.
Just experiment or produce - it’s up to you.

Get inspired by our enclosure type examples and allow free play to your propensity to innovate.
Let us take care of everything else; you will get all from one source – this is our strong point and your advantage.

Standard is out-of-date – PrioLine is up-tp-date.

  • there are no standards or standard measurements
  • the enclosures are designed according to the prevailing conditions, e.g. printed boards, foil keyboards, components ... and not the other way around
  • good EMI qualities already in the basic version, without additional seals
  • individual fixing of the printed boards by means of customized domes or in inserting grooves of the basic profiles or side parts
  • almost any color combination possible due to free selection of the individual element surfaces, combinations are also possible
  • free selection of the basic materials from Aluminum-profiles and Aluminum or synthetic material plates
  • individual construction according to the basic models can be realized by the customer
  • transparent enclosures are also possible (e.g. demonstration models)
  • creation of a uniform design line in spite of different dimensions and forms
  • as standard delivered with integrated edge protection for front foils or foil keyboards
  • optional use as top hat rail enclosures by means of adapters
  • short terms of delivery, also express service available, as aluminum profiles and plates on store are used as basics
  • legally protected registered solutions - an advantage for you

In addition, based on the versatile manufacturing possibilities of our departments for


we offer you extensive resources for customer-specific refinement and processing – and all this also in express service.
Where else can you find this wealth of possibilities?

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we are looking forward to getting into direct conversation with you at the phone number +49 (0) 7081/9540-0.
PrioLine is a registered trademark of Richard Wöhr GmbH, D-75339 Höfen