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DIN rail enclosure series DinRa-AL modular

Side panels as standard in RAL 7035

DIN rail enclosures series DinRa-AL modular
DIN rail enclosures series DinRa-AL modular

Side panels as standard in RAL 9005

The DinRa-AL DIN rail enclosure modular series are available in different
standard sizes (2, 3, 4, 6, 9 and 12 modules).There is a very good EMC
characteristics due to the bare groove at the back and the bare cutting
edges. Furthermore these robust enclosures are very flexible for processing.

We do also provide you special surface technologies and do industrial
coatings according to your requirements, offer almaot every kind of
mechanically processings and a lot of differents enclosure sizes -
we would appreciate if we may create your complete enclosure system.

Technical data:


enclosures made off aluminium 0.15inch (4,0mm)

degree of

IP 54 - to VDE 0470/ DIN 40050/ EN 60529


enclosure and side panels (front side):
powder coated gray (similar RAL 7035)
powder coated black (similar RAL 9005)

temperature range:

-20 to +90 degree


available in different standard sizes
(2,3,4,6,9,12 modul),
customized length possible,
incl. back rabbet profile guide

special feature:
the EMI-property for the DIN-rail enclosure series is given by the grooves and cut edges


suitable foil keyboards, mechanical processing, input systems, surface finishing (EMI, ESD, MED,...) modifications are always possible

included in scope of delivery:

2 sidepanels, 1 profile, 8 screws
1x pressed spring for DIN rail mounting

Article numbers:

Here you can find an overview.


  • DIN rail enclosure available in 6 different module widths
  • customized lenght possible
  • suitable for rail DIN EN60715 (1.37 inch/ 35,0 mm)

Typical accessories:

Here you can find typical accessories.

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