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Alu- enclosure series AL001

Version without wall latches (IP65):

Version with cast-on wall latches

Version without wall latches (IP67):


Version with wall latches (IP67):


  • aluminum enclosure for sensitive electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic control devices
  • very robust execution, designed for industrial use
  • the all-metal execution guarantees a shielding effect meeting the EMV requirements.
  • a continuous neoprene sealing protects the inside against dust and humidity.  Protection system IP 65 / NEMA 1, 2, 4, 4X, 12 ,13 - according to VDE 0470 / DIN 40050 / EN 60529
  • fixing domes in the lower part of the enclosure permit an easy horizontal assembly of  boards and connector blocks.
    With the help of additional vertical guide rails, boards can also simply be inserted.
  • the enclosure borings for wall mounting and the screw threads for the fixing of the lid are located outside the sealed interior space. (except enclosures AL001/010 + 060 + 070, there are no outer borings for wall mounting)
  • also available with cast-on wall latches (order number GH02AL001/510 - GH02AL001/590)
Technical data
material: aluminum
degree of protection: degree of protection IP 65 and 67/ NEMA 1, 2, 4, 4X, 12, 13
color: optionally powder coated in RAL 9005 deep black or varnished in RAL 7035 light gray
EMI: with EMI versions a conductive seal is contained, contact area is conductive chromated

Ordering information:

  • The fixing screws for the lid, an earthing screw with plate, and the neoprene sealing are all included.
  • Further special versions and modifications
    (foil keyboard, machining, surface coating...)
    according to your specifications are at any time possible


  • Fast, low-cost aluminum enclosure varnishing and mechanical processing - even for small scale manufacture.
  • alternatively with powder coating, stoved-enamel finish and printing
  • he charge of pressure compensation elements or drain & vent plug and also optional a weatherproofed varnishing
  • for wall fastening without wall latches we suggest the Option 001 (possible for these types)

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