Wöhr Enclosures

Alu- enclosure series AL007

Overview about different types
(with direct link through the x):
painted acc. to RAL
price category 1 (PG1)
painted acc. to RAL
price category 2 (PG2)
painted acc. to RAL
price category 3 (PG3)
painted acc. to
RAL 7035
light gray
painted acc. to
RAL 9005
deep black
degree of protection IP40 x x x x x x
EMI-version, IP54 x x x x x  
degree of protection
IP67 *
x x x x x x
EMI-version IP67 * x x x x x  

* The IP67-protection-check takes place with the parameters which are determined by both the customer and Richard Wöhr GmbH.
The standard-parameters are:

  • maximum depth 0,1 bar/ 1 meter pressure
  • maximum resting time in water: ca. 30 minutes

Please inform us about your desired parameters in your inquiry.


  • aluminum enclosure with a very interesting cost-performance ratio
  • ideal as solid distribution box as well as for the most varied applications
  • lid with 0.04 inch/ 1,0 mm recess for front foils and membrane switches
  • light-weight. Can easily be processed by machine
  • the continuous flange at the lid guarantees a very good closeness, up to IP67 / NEMA 1,2,4,4X,12,13
  • also with wall latches
  • special versions according to your specifications are available
  • for EMI-versions we supply conductive gasket, also contact areas are conductive, up to IP67 / NEMA 1,2,4,4X,12,13
  • further special versions and modifications (foil keyboard, machining.. ) according to your specifications are possible at any time

Additional available: