Wöhr Enclosures

Alu- enclosure series AL103

The aluminium enclosure series GH02AL103 is a versatile, robust and design-oriented solution for hand-, table- or wall housings.

standard versions:

divided versions:

It is based upon 5 basic profile sizes:
dimensions (in mm) standard versions EMI versions devided versions mounting
black/ turquoise blue black/ silver black/ turquoise blue black/ silver black/ turquoise blue black/ silver
94 x 44 mm
(80 x 36 mm)
T01 T11 T51 T61 G01 G11 download
118 x 44 mm
(100 x 36 mm)
T02 T12 T52 T62 G02 G12 download
182 x 85 mm
(160 x 75 mm)
T03 T13 T53 T63 G03 G13 download
157 x 69 mm
(130 x 57 mm)
T04 T14 T54 T64 G04 G14 download
233 x 121 mm
(200 x 105 mm)
T05 T15 T55 T65     download


  • front covering with aluminum die casting cover
  • front and top recesses, optimally suited for foils/foil keyboards
  • high degree of protection IP65 by means of foamed PUR-sealings,
    EMI sealing are optionally available
  • outward screw channel to avoid mounting /screwing splinters inside the housing,
    moreover thus the complete internal space of the housing is at your disposal
  • modern design with colored side stripes,
  • design stripes made of aluminum (types T05/T15 made of self-adhesive polyester foil printed form backside)
  • inlying guideways for printed circuit boards or mounting plates
  • special lengths are possible because of the profile technique (the last 3 digits of the item number indicate the length)
  • versatile accessories available such as pile blocks, foot elements, clear view hoods, wall holders…
  • option: base and top profile devided to improve assembly friendliness, degree of protection IP 40 (G01-G14)

Technical data
material: enclosure profile: AlMgSi 0,5; DIN 1725
enclosure cover: GD-AlSi 12
degree of protection: high degree of protection IP65 by means of closed-pore foamed seals
acc. to EN 60529
surface protection: powder coated, optionally varnishing
color: Gehenclosure body and cover:
RAL 9005 deep black
design stripe:
RAL 5018 turquoise blue or RAL 9006 white aluminum (T11-T13)
(special colors are possible)
EMI: optional EMI-version,
optional EMI gaskets available
temperature resistance: -40°C up to +90°C

Additional available:

  • suitable mounting plates conductive (Aluminum)
    MPA (e.g. GH02AL007/010/MPA ...)
  • suitable mounting plates isolating (Plastic)
    MPP (e.g. GH02AL007/010/MPP ...)

order number description suitable for:
GH02AL103/T01... and GH02AL103/T11... GH02AL103/T02... and GH02AL103/T12... GH02AL103/T03... and GH02AL103/T13...
GH02AL103/WP wall profile x x  
GH02AL103/DWH cover wall holder x x  
GH02AL103/WH080 wall holder for 80-profile x    
GH02AL103/WH100 wall holder for 100-profile   x  
GH02AL103/FVE080 foot-/connecting member for 80/profile x    
GH02AL103/FVE100 foot-/connecting member for 100/profile   x  
GH02AL103/LKP040 printed circuit board profile x x  
GH02AL103/KSH160 clear view hood for cover     x
GH02AL103/BEF160 battery rack 9V block x x x