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ALU-PRIMUS-Design Gasket

Elegant, non-slip, functional and versatile. These are only some features of the aluminum profile enclosure with design gasket.

ALU-PRIMUS-Design Gasket

Diverse usable and versatile applicable

The basis is the proven in diverse sizes available profile from the ALU-PRIMUS-series. That profile distinguishes itself amongst other things by its diverse possibilities of backplane mounting. It is not only possible to mount backplanes horizontally but also vertically. Besides that, already during development of the profile it was taken care on renouncing slots, grooves and edges on the surface. Thereby the enclosure is easy to clean and disinfect. So it is excellently possible to use in areas with high requirements in hygiene like i.e. the medicine sector.

Non-slip and elegant thanks to plastic sealing

The delivery comprises two front panels out of aluminum. The enclosure is additionally equipped with two gaskets made of silicon free TPE, which provide additional slip resistance of the enclosure.

ALU-PRIMUS-Design Gasket

Technical Data:


Enclosure profile out of aluminum
front panels out of aluminum (2,0 mm thick)
Gasket out of TPE (Shore 60A)


Enclosure profile and front panels naturally anodized, blank cut edges, gaskets anthracite
grey (similar RAL 7016) further colors on
request possible

backplane levels:
Depending on enclosure height


suitable foil keyboards, mechanical processing, input systems, EMS, surface finishing (EMV,ESD,MED,...)  and much more are possible at any time

included in scope of delivery:Not mounted, incl. special screw set (FSKM3x12.TX01)

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