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Connector housing

Connector housing series SG001 for USB-electronic

These connector shells of non structured light grey or transparent plastic are especially appropriate for USB-keychain, USB-dongles or general USB-periphery.
To ensure an easy and fast assembling, the enclosure parts can be jointed screw-less (snap-in) or glued. Because of this construction there is more room for your electronics inside cause a dome or similar can be dropped.
Bigger enclosures, which can be jointed with screws or glued are available in the colours light grey, black, blue, red, yellow and transparent blue.

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Connector housing series SG002

These connector shells are made of black high-impact ABS synthetic material UL94-VO and are supplied with flat steel knurled screws that can be screwed down without tools, as well as with two brass bushs to secure the knurling.

Optionally available as metallized version. Available for metal connectors only.


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Connector enclosure series SG003

The connector shells of the series GH02SG003...  are low-cost empty enclosures with or without injection-moulded connector; this series is especially designed for connector power supply units/charging sets. This very versatile and funtional product line comprises versions

  • for German 220V/230V-sockets
  • shock-proof plugs
  • Euro connectors
  • US connectors
  • Swiss connectors
  • GB connectors
  • with or without ventilation slots
  • made of UL-listed, antistatic synthetic material

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Special versions available – you are welcome to ask!