Wöhr Enclosures

Plastic enclosure series KS103

This very robust plastic housing series (made of glass fiber reinforced
POLYESTER!) Is ideally suited as a distributor and connection housing
in general industrial use or mechanical engineering and automation
technology. Due to the design, these housings are also very suitable
for installation of terminals on top hat rails.

The KS103 housing series is maximally corrosion-resistant and
vandal-proof and is therefore suitable for use in unprotected outdoor
areas and public areas. A very high mechanical (impacts up to 7 joules according to EN 60529) and chemical resistance (to certain acids, oils or fats) characterize these housings and enable them to be used especially in chemically aggressive environments such as the food or chemical industry.

Thanks to the extensive range of sizes and versatile accessories, almost every application can be covered.


Make use of our competence in the field of standard products finishing.
As a result of our large variety of processing possibilities, we are able to realize even the most complex and demanding orders as express service.
Our experienced project teams are looking forward to receiving your specifications.

Technical data
material: fibreglass-reinforced duroplastic polyester
impact resistance: > 7 Nm, EN 50014
temperature range,
- 40° C up to + 90° C, PUR-(Polyurethan) gasket, closed pore foamed
- 60° C up to + 130° C, silicone gasket
- 40° C up to + 100° C, CR-(Chloropren) gasket, closed pore foamed (round seal)
color: pigmented similar RAL 7000 squirrel grey, special colors are possible
surface resistance: > 1012 Ohm acc. to DIN 53482
burning behavior: self-extinguishing acc. to UL94-V0
protective insulation: completely insulated acc. to VDE 0100
puncture strength: 18KV/mm
toxic behavior: halogen-free
EMI: EMI-version optionally available


  • versatile, low-cost mechanical processing
  • front foils or foil keyboards developped and manufactured by Wöhr as well
  • assembly mounting
  • and many more ...

Scope of supply:

Plastic enclosure made of firbre glass increased polyester consisting of cover, gasket, incl. nonvolatile stainless steel screws, bottom part with 2 or 4 earthing screw

Further suitable enclosures for you:

Similar enclosures made of polycarbonate (KS002, KS022) or ABS (KS037) or aluminum (AL001, AL003, AL005)

Gladly we supply enclosures with installed cable glands. To help you with the selection of your housing and to secure the technical feasibility we have prepared a table for each enclosure.