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Battery drawer housing

Battery drawer AKS

The battery-drawer AKS was not only developped for our enclosures CDH-4 und CDH-6. With these enclosures, the power socket can be installed directly in the front side. At most 5 batteries with a diameter of 19,2 mm/ 0.76 inch suit to the drawer-enclosure.

The length of the enclosure can be shortened for less installation deepness, if  less capacity is sufficient. On the front side, the installation of a 2-pole female connector for the direct charge with a standard angle plug charging device is possible. The socket of the battery drawer is also available with a front plate, for installing it in front plates or in any enclosure. On the socket or on the battery drawer, 2 or 3 contacts are provided. There is a robust locking between the socket and the battery drawer. By pressing with two fingers and simultanously pushing on the battery drawer, it can be pulled out. 

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Overview of the battery drawer AKS
without front-panel
painted acc. to RAL
price category(PG1)
painted acc. to RAL
price category(PG2)
lpainted acc. to RAL
price category(PG3)
enclosure x x x x
EMI-version x      
ESD-version x      
MED-version x      
AMIK™-version (antimicrobial)
NAWARO™-version (made of bioplastics)
SILVERlook-version x      

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