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These Touch-Stick-series have a spring-mounted plastic point, so that touch screens can always be activated with the same soft pression and can not be damaged. By using this stick, you won’t impurify the screen with your fingers.

A recessed grip ensures an ergonomical holding of the stick and prevents an exhaustion of the hand. It is provided with a removable clip for wearing on clothes and an across-hole for fixing on a thread or string.The middle part out of steel serves as a retaining fixture on a magnet.


The string as well as the magnet can be provided as accessories.


dimensions L = 5.04 inch/128 mm
Ø = 0.24 inch/ 6 mm
surface aluminum anodized, 6 colors are possible
boring Ø= 0.08 inch/ 2 mm for fixing a thread or a string (deliverable as accessories)
clip of stainless steel
steel part in the middle of the stick, chromated for magnet fixing
recessed grip  
spring-mounted point  
order number color (anodized)
Touch-Stick-1-010 red
Touch-Stick-1-020 orange
Touch-Stick-1-030 blue
Touch-Stick-1-040 nature (aluminum)
Touch-Stick-1-050 gold
Touch-Stick-1-060 black
Accessories for touch-sticks  
Touch-Stick-Zub01 string 50 cm (like metall pearls, chromated), with rings on both sides)
Touch-Stick-Zub02 magnet for touch-sticks, Hartferrit, dimensions: 1.18 x 0.47 x 0.28 inch/ 30 x 12 x 7 mm
Touch-Stick-Zub05 magnet for touch-stick, Neodym, silver-colored, dimensions: 0.79 x 0.25 x 0.06 inch/ 20 x 6,25 x 1,6 mm
Options for laser-marking or imprint  
Touch-Stick-OpLB1 option: 1-colored laser-marking
Touch-Stick-OPLB2 option: 2-colored laser-marking
Touch-Stick-OptD1 option: 1-colored imprinting
Touch-Stick-OptD2 option: 2-colored imprinting

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