Wöhr Enclosures

BendLine projects

Desktop enclosure GH61126.002 in BendLine 45° bending technique

  • outer dimensions: B115,2 x W225,3 x H67,5 mm
  • surface painted in in RAL 7035 structure, with plastic design-stripes in black
  • incl. mechanical treatment

Enclosure system BendLine 45° with 19" module rack ALU-COMPACT

Enclosure system consisting of six modules of BendLine-enclosures in bending technique 45°, dimensions 300 x 70 x 185 mm, naturally anodized, chromated (cutting edges blank), front plate 0,3 mm deep in the enclosure, printed in 1 color

19" module rack 7HE from series ALU-COMPACT, incl. 6 arrestors for fixing the stop position, anodized aluminum