Wöhr Enclosures


Enclosure series NawaRo - die casting enclosures made of renewable resources

The NawaRo-enclosures (see picture on the left) are produced with a granulate made of biodegradable plastic (see picture on the right).

The die casting NawaRo-enclosures are manufactured with a specially developped bio-granulate on the basis of lignin. Our intelligently conceived die casting tools allow the efficient machining of this material.

Lignin is a three-dimensional crosslinked aromatic hydrocarbon connection. It is stored in the cell wall of ligneous plants like grasses, bushes and trees and serves as a stabilisation element.

The biological materials for the manufacturing of NawaRo-enclosures

  • consist of renewable resources (wood and other plant fibres)
  • are 100 percent biodegradable
  • were tested with standardised scientific measure methods in order to determine their mechanical, physical, thermal and food-safe properties
  • have proven their worth in numerous product applications
  • turn away from the fossil resources running shorter and by this way lead to a greater independence from their price development which will certainly go upwards
  • when energetically exploited, only release the same amount of CO2 the plant absorbed during their growth
  • contain exclusively wood fibre from regional saw mills in the Southwest of Germany

An overview of all enclosures that can be delivered as bioplastic (NawaRo-)versions can you find here -->