Aluminum profiles for
enclosure profiles

The aluminum enclosure profiles developed for the production of our PRIOline™-enclosures can also be purchased for the production of your
own enclosures.

This possibility is often used by customers who have the possibilities of manufacturing the required parts themselves, especially in such domains as: schools, universities, institutes, apprentice workshops, test equipment and equipment construction, development, laboratories...

Prioline aluminum profiles "without thread", 39.37 inch/ 1000 mm long
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order number PrlPrf1000,0/roh (rough, without surface)
order number PrlPrf1000,0/chr (surface: electrically conductive, chromated)
order number PrlPrf1000,0/elna (surface: natural anodized)
order number PrlPrf1000,0/elsw (surface: black anodized)
Grooved pin: order number PrioL/M1,5x10
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Thread strip: order number PrLGew.Str.84TE
(=6.98 inch/ 431,3 mm long)
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Prices are in EUR/piece and are exclusive of VAT and of shipping costs.

Profiles for the series ALU-ECOPAC & ALU-COMPACT

ALU-length profiles:
high:1.18, 1.57, 1.97, 2.36, 2.76, 3.15, 3.47, 3.94, 4.33 or 4.72 inch
(30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 88, 100, 110 or 120 mm)

An overview about enclosures which can be produced of profiles you can find here:

Of course other lengths and surfaces are also available, according to your specifications. Please contact us!