Pressure compensation elements

The pressure compensation elements of series GH02/DAE serve for the aeration and deaeration of components, especially of enclosures.

Pressure compensation elements are used for aerating and ventilating building components and in particular casings, thus avoiding damage caused by condensation. Condensation is formed largely as a result of temperature fluctuations or pressure peaks.

If there is no opportunity for heated air to escape from the component
when the outside temperature has already cooled, condensation may be caused in the interior of the component and eventually cause it permanent damage. Pressure compensation elements are also suitable for installing in components with a protection type of IP65 and higher and due to their high air permeability, they prevent the formation of condensation. Apart from their high air permeability, the pressure compensation elements are also capable of repelling considerable amounts of water. In this way the internal pressure of enclosed casings is matched to the pressure of the environment and this at the same time prevents the ingress of water.

This pressure compensation is also possible by the use of cable glands. In addition, we offer elements which drain water from the inside of a casing and optionally make pressure equalisation compensation possible at the same time.