Plastic feets

Plastic feets - standard and inclinable

Plastice feets of the enclosure series ALU-ECOPAC

These plastic feet for enclosures are components used as end pieces of ABS, e g. for aluminum profile enclosures, available in ten different colours. They are installed as a design element (visible between screw head and thread, for screw diameter M3) when fixing metal plates/profiles for an enclosure construction.


Article numbers:

order numberdescriptioncolour
1310002856end piece, roundtraffic blue RAL 5017
1310002857end piece, roundred RAL 3020
1310002858end piece, roundyellow RAL 1023
1310002859end piece, roundblack RAL 9005
1310002860end piece, roundlight gray RAL 7035
1310002861end piece, roundmelone yellow RAL 1028
1310002862end piece, roundruby red RAL 3003
1310002863end piece, roundultramarine RAL 5002
1310002864end piece, roundanthracite gray RAL 7016
1310002865end piece, roundturquoise blue RAL 5018

Plastic feets inclinable

These plastic feets are made
of glass-fiber reinforced plastic incl.
countersunk screws 3,5 x 8. Supplied
are 2x2 plastic feets with rubber inserts.


Article numbers:

order numberdescriptioncolour
GH02FU002/010plastic feet 2 x a + 2 x b
with tilt feet
RAL 9005
GH02FU002/020plastic feet 2 x a + 2 x b
with tilt feet
light gray
RAL 7035

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