Wöhr Enclosures

Plastic enclosure series KS009

Very large hand-held enclosures, especially for machine operation and automation

GH02KS009/100, GH02KS009/101,
GH02KS009/200, GH02KS009/201,
GH02KS009/500, GH02KS009/501,
GH02KS009/600, GH02KS009/601

GH02KS009/150, GH02KS009/151,
GH02KS009/550, GH02KS009/551

GH02KS009/400, GH02KS009/450,
GH02KS009/800, GH02KS009/850

Ordering information:

Delivery includes screws


  • three different sizes are available
  • can be used for displays up to 5,7“-TFT (display 4.69 x 3.5 inch/ 119 x 89 mm) or customer specification
  • based on high impact ABS plastic, black and gray color
  • the article numbers GH02KS009/101 , .../201, .../501, .../.601 are available in black and gray
  • also with integrated battery compartment 9VB/2AA/4AA
  • battery contacts and belt clips are available as accessories
  • robust and ergonomic design, stylish
  • available with open display window or solid front
    (GH02KS009/40 and.../800)
  • versions according to your specifications are possible at every time
  • further special versions and modifications
    (foil keyboard, machining, surface coating...)
    according to your specifications are at any time possible


  • enclosure varnishings, printing, front foils, foil keyboards, mechanical processing etc. quick and at low-cost- also for small scale manufacture
  • EMI - shielding on the inside with copper conductive varnish
  • foil keyboards also available separately

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