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Plastic enclosure series KS112 made of polycarbonate & polystyrol

Economical enclosure with smooth side panels or metrical knockouts and foamed gasket

This enclosure series GH02KS112 is the right choice if you like to have enclosures with metric knockouts without working on these housings mechanically and if you want your electronic components totally insulated and protected from dust, water and corrosion.
These enclosures are manufactured by default in polycarbonate or polystyrene and available with clear or grey lids as standard.
There are 13 basic housings with up to 3 different cover heights available.

Overview about different types
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  polycarbonate polystyrol
standard version x x
painted acc. to RAL
price category 1 (PG1)
painted acc. to RAL
price category 2 (PG2)
x x
painted acc. to RAL
price category 3 (PG3)
x x
SILVERlook-version x x
EMI-version x x
ESD-version x x


  • alternatively made of extremely robust polystyrene grey RAL 7035, with temperature range from -25°C to +40°C degree
  • IP protection degree  IP66, acc. to VDE 0470 / DIN 40050 / EN 60529
  • 3 mounting options in the connection area at the wall latches and outside of the connection area below the cover screws
  • screws are made of plastic
  • enclosure prepared to the admission of mounting plates and other electric mechanics
  • extensive accessories (like wall latches, hinge, cable glands,locks…) normally available
  • special versions and modifications (foil keyboards, mechanical treatment, surface ... ) according to your specifications are possible at any time
  • maximum screw head diameter below the cover screws 8mm
  • metrical knockouts in the box available
  • wall latches outside of the enclosure
Technical data
material: fibre glass increased polycarbonate
color: grey acc. to RAL 7035
temperature range: from -35°C to +75°C
degree of protection: IP66 acc. to VDE 0470 / DIN 40050 / EN 60529
installation size enclosure: 2.48 inch/ 63 mm
3.31 inch/ 84 mm
3.54 inch/ 90 mm
4.37 inch/111 mm
5.39 inch/ 137 mm
5.39 inch/ 165 mm
base size of bottom parts: 7.09 x 4.33 inch/ 180 x 110 mm
7.17 x 7.09 inch/ 182 x 180 mm
10 x 7.09 inch/ 254 x 180 mm
other: UV-resistant
halogen free

Ordering information:

To order with hinge or wall latches, please suspend the suitable call sign


  • mechanical treatment, many-sided and at a reasonable price
  • front foils and foil keyboards from own development and manufacturing
  • assembly of components

Additional available:

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