Wöhr Enclosures

Plastic enclosure series KS025


  • The enclosures of series GH02KS025 are the right choice, if both protective system IP65 and a sophisticated, mounting pleasant design solution are required.
  • As standard they are delivered with a crooked cover, the dent on front can be customized on project oriented needs and depending on quantity.
  • with ¼-twisting screws resp. M4
  • optional at quantity production in PC (polycarbonate) is possible
  • for outside application we suggest to use pressure compensation elements respectively drainage and vent plugs and a weather
    resistant varnishing
  • Suitable hinges can you find here ->

Technical data
material: high impact, grey ABS, listed UL94-V2
temperature range: -40 up to +100 degree Celsius
degree of protection: degree of protection IP65


There are 2 versions available:

  • with colored or clear cover, whereas the bottom part is grey in each time
  • cover screw joint is mounting pleasant and at low costs by
    self-tapping screws (1/4 turn)
  • wall mounting holes are outside the sealing
  • Recess for mounting of foil keyboards or labels,
    which we manufacture for you with pleasure.
  • optional wall mounting adapters made of ABS are available, which allow mounting without opening the enclosure
  • in scope of delivery are 4 self-tapping screws and a gasket
  • tongue and groove sealing system for optimal protective system
  • optional with conductive coating (EMI)
  • further special versions and modifications (foil keyboard, machining...) according to your specifications are at any time possible
    Appeal to us!


  • suitable mounting plates conductive
    /MPA (for example GH02KS025/030/MPA ...)
  • suitable mounting plates isolated
    /MPP (for example GH02KS025/030/MPP ...)
mounting plates
mounting plates
suitable for enclosure
GH02KS025/030/MPA GH02KS025/030/MPP GH02KS025/030... and GH02KS025/230...
GH02KS025/040/MPA GH02KS025/040/MPP GH02KS025/040... and GH02KS025/240...
GH02KS025/090/MPA GH02KS025/090/MPP GH02KS025/090... and GH02KS025/290...
GH02KS025/810/MPA GH02KS025/810/MPP GH02KS025/810... and GH02KS025/910...
description order number
1 set of wall bracket (2 pcs.) GH02KS002/WL