Wöhr Enclosures

Plastic enclosure series KS022


  • further development of the series GH02KS002...,
    protective systems IP 65 and NEMA 4.
  • the borings for wall and lid mounting are located outside the sealed interiour space. Thus humidity and dust cannot get inside.
  • domes injection-moulded in the bottom part permit horizontal mounting of both printed boards and mounting plates.
  • the lid screws are made of stainless, antimagnetic steel and are screwed into the injection-moulded brass threaded inserts of the under part
  • recessed area in the lid for receiving the front foil or foil keyboard
  • for outside application we suggest to use pressure compensation elements respectively drainage and vent plugs and a weather
    resistant varnishing
  • further special versions and modifications
    (foil keyboard, machining, surface coating...) according to your specifications are at any time possible
Technical data
material: Polycarbonate raw material acc. to UL94-V2
color: bottom part light grey and cover transparent
temperature range: -40 up to +100 degree
material: ABS raw material acc. to UL94-HB
high-performance, extremely robust, high-impact synthetic material
color: dark grey, for bottom part and cover
temperature range: -20 up to +90 degree

Version of polycarbonate:

Version of ABS:


Ordering information:

Delivery includes cover fixing screws (antimagnetic) with screw thread M4 and neoprene gasket.

For ordering with hinges or wall latches please add the known value behind the oder number:

For ordering of suitable mounting plates please use the following
known values:

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