Wöhr Enclosures

Plastic enclosure series KS036

The enclosures of the series GH02KS036 are plastic enclosures which are especially well suitable for the board mounting.


  •  out of self-extinguishing ABS according to UL94V0
    (normally upper part: grey; base part, back and front panel: dark grey
  • back and front panel can be taken apart
  • the fixation domes are in the base and upper part of the enclosure which allow a trouble-free assembly of one or several boards
  • assembly of boards are also directly behind the front or back panel possible
  • 4 closed insert nuts in the base part
  • 4 screws included in the delivery
  • in 3 different dimensions available
technical data
material: ABS high-strength, self-extinguishing, extreme robust, strong plastic (according to UL94V0)
colour: upper part: grey; base part + front-/back panel: dark grey
Others: fixation domes for mounting one or several boards