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Plastic enclosure Series KS133

Plastic enclosure Series KS133

The robust enclosure series GH02KS133 made of polycarbonate is suited,
due to its hardness and impact strength, preferably for cabinets in outdoor applications. As the hinge for the cover is mounted on the outside, the complete interior space can be used. The mounting of top-hat rails, mounting plates and hinges in the interior is possible in different positions - they are, for example, continuously vertically adjustable at the side walls. The enclosures can also be divided in the interior.

  •  Made of polycarbonate, similar to  RAL 7035, light grey
  •  Thermal stability from -40°C up to 100° C
  •  Wide selection of sizes from 7.405 x 7.405 x 5.688 inch
    188,1 x 188,1 x 144,5 mm) up to 24 x 24 x 10 inch
    609,6 x 609,6 x 254,0 mm)
  • Standard enclosure, prepared for mounting of mounting rails, mounting plates and hinges at the inside. These are vertically adjustable in the interior of the enclosure.
  • Protection class: IP66
  • Fire behavior of the raw material: UL94 5VA
  • The cover of the enclosure has a simple holding device, an exterior flap with a lock, is removable and has an interior gasket.

We are happy to provide you with the housing in the following versions. Please contact in advance with our sales department, with respect to an advisory.

  •  In the scope of delivery are included:
    4 mounting feet

    4 stainless steel screws (for the mounting box)

    4 stainless steel screws (for the cover)

    4 screws (for the rear side of the enclosure)
  • Additionally accessory sets are available:
    GH02KS133/Zub01 – contains 2 slot nuts and 2 screws

    GH02KS133/Zub02 – contains holding device for the
    vertically adjustable mounting plate (1 set – 2 screws)

    GH02KS133/Zub03 – substitution locking (1 set – 4 pieces)

    GH02KS133/Zub04 – spare parts set, contains all screws
    and mounting feet

Order number:

Accessories: Din-rails

Item number Length:
GH02KS133/010/Hut 5.35 inch/ 136,0 mm
GH02KS133/020/Hut 6.77 inch/ 172,0 mm
GH02KS133/030/Hut 9.61 inch/ 244,0 mm
GH02KS133/040/Hut 10.98 inch/ 279,0 mm
GH02KS133/050/Hut 13.86 inch/ 352,0 mm
GH02KS133/060/Hut 15.28 inch/ 388,0 mm
GH02KS133/070/Hut 16.73 inch/ 425,0 mm
  • DIN-rails made of zinc coated steel
  • punched
  • cutting edge (blank)
  • incl. two screws
  • incl. two nuts, for mounting in the enclosure