Wöhr Enclosures

Plastic enclosure series KS097


  • designed matted plastic hand-held enclosure of impact resistant ABS
  • circumferential tongue and groove in upper and lower shell
  • recess for foil keyboard or foil cover
  • GH02KS097/010..20 bzw. GH02KS097/110...120:
    threepart construction: Top- and bottom cover with separate front plate, altenatively with front plate made of ABS, aluminum or red, transparent acryl available
  • GH02KS097/050 or GH02KS097/150:
    2-part construction: Top- and bottom cover without separate front plate
  • alternatively with or without combined battery box for 9 VB and
    2AA available.
  • GH02KS097/050 bzw. GH02KS097/150:
    only with battery box for 9VB available.
  • EMI-version available (internally copper coating)
  • further special versions and modifications (foil keyboard, machining...) according to your specifications are at any time possible

Ordering information:

  • as standard delivered with 4 screws M 3 and if necessary the
    battery clips for 2AA